Evening Grosbeak Irruption Update

Evening Grosbeak in Howard, Pennsylvania on October 20, 2012. Photo by Alex Lamoreaux

Evening Grosbeaks have been showing up throughout the northeast for over a month now and are slowly, but surely making their way south. The furthest south reports are coming from Pennsylvania that Alex Lamoreaux and Anna Fasoli from Nemesis Bird did a fine job of photographing. I did a search on Birding News for Evening Grosbeak and it resulted in 442 results for the entire ABA Area. Scanning over the posts, most sightings are coming from feeders in the southern boundary of the irruption.

Evening Grosbeak and Pine Siskin in Howard, Pennsylvania on October 20, 2012. Photo by Alex Lamoreaux

Evening Grosbeak sightings for this fall from eBird:

Here is the prediction for Evening Grosbeaks in Ron Pittaway’s Winter Finch Forecast:

This spectacular grosbeak is ABA’s Bird of the Year in 2012. We can expect some at feeders in central Ontario and probably elsewhere in the Northeast because coniferous and hardwood tree seed supplies are low. Highest breeding densities are found in areas with spruce budworm outbreaks. The larvae are eaten by adults and fed to young. Current populations are much lower than several decades ago when budworm outbreaks were much larger and more widespread.

Keep an eye on your feeders over the next few weeks for the ABA’s Bird of the Year, I know Rob Mortensen at Birding Is Fun is! Make sure to check out the ABA Bird of Year Multimedia Art Contest and submit your entries by October 31st.

Make sure to submit all of your sightings to eBird!