#DErare–Anna’s Hummingbird in Newark

A potential first state record of Anna’s Hummingbird is visiting a yard in Newark. First observed on November 3rd, the bird was tentatively identified as a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, but after visits from top-notch birders and some help from the experts the bird has been identified as an Anna’s Hummingbird!

A couple of my friends were able to see the bird this afternoon and compiled this video:

Mike Moore posted key characteristics leading to the ID as an Anna’s on DE Birds.

Photos of the bird were sent to Sheri Williamson, the author of the Peterson’s Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America. Here is one piece she wrote about the bird:

“You’ve got yourself a state record! Its molt is running well behind most of the juvenile Anna’s we see, but that could indicate a more northerly point of origin. There seems to be too much white in the outer rectrices for a juvenile male, but the gorget pattern suggests that it’s going to be very colorful if it’s a female.”

The bird is being seen at 257 Delaplane Ave in Newark. The homeowner’s (Diane and Steve Freeberry) are birders and are very excited about this bird. They have indicated that people are free to walk down their driveway and look at the feeders behind their house (one on the lower deck, one on the upper). They are having work done on the house, so please stay out of the way of the contractors. There was a lot of noise and activity from the
contractors when I was there but the bird seems oblivious. It comes to the feeders about every 15 min and often perches in the rose bush above the lower feeder or in the large cedar at the bottom of the driveway.

Photos of the bird can be seen here. Also, check out this post on eBird about vagrant western hummingbirds!

Link to the #ABArare post on the ABA Blog.

*Video copyright Kyle Horton and most information in this post is from Mike Moore’s post to DE Birds this morning